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CopyBlastX BD 7 Drive 12x/16x Pro 7 Drive 12x/16x Pro



Product Code : #ECX1207BP

The NEW and improved CopyBlastX BD/DVD/CD Tower Duplicators add more features than ever seen before in a BluRay Tower Duplicator, and for an even lower price! Stand alone manual copying of BDs, DVDs and CDs has never been easier or more affordable.

Full SATA system – All optical drives and the hard disk drive are now SATA, for faster throughput and optimum performance

Not only are these units fast but they are also reliable as they incorporate proven BD/DVD-R/RW/+R/+RW/DL drives.

Multiple ways to create copies of BD, DVD or CD discs. The new CopyBlastX BD/DVD/CD tower duplicators represent the ultimate in flexibility. Copy from the included 500GB hard drive to 1 or up to 3 recording drives. Or copy from a CD, DVD or BD master disc to 1 or up to 2 of the recording drives. Or copy from any of the supported flash memory devices to 1 or up to 3 recording drives.

The CopyBlastX BD Towers have a highly intuitive, simple to use interface. There is no complex operating system to learn. The LCD display guides the user through all procedures with no training necessary. These units are totally self-contained with no additional hardware or software required.

The 500GB SATA hard drive automates partition management which means that you maximise the useage of the hard drive space.

The included Flash Memory Card reader makes copying from Flash cards a snap. The reader plugs into the USB slot located to the left of the LCD display and supports M2, MicroSD, CompactFlash, Memory Stick/Memory Stick Duo, Secure Digital, Secure Digital High Capacity, Mini SD and MultiMediaCard.

2 new Fast Key buttons are designed to make your job easier. The 2 fast or hot keys are hidden under the “e” and “c” in the evocept logo. Pre-configured to “eject all discs” and “choose source” these can be re-configured to any commonly used function. Prefer to have your fast key be set for “copy”, “test”, “verify” or “set speed”? No problem just re-configure the fast keys and away you go.

Within the first month of purchase these units are covered by a rapid exchange warranty ensuring minimal down time in the unlikely event that something fails early on. After that you still have 11 months to go of our return to base warranty.

Integrated storage drawer for the included Evocept flash memory card reader, your CopyBlastX Quick Start Guide and manual and anything else you can fit in there!

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