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Action AV is a specialist supplier of DVD, CD & USB products and services. Our core business is the supply of duplicated and printed DVD, CD & USB and manufacture of all related paper parts & packaging.

Furthermore, we are continuing to grow our fulfilment services also, where we manage the delivery of custom products on behalf of our clients. This includes warehousing of stock, dispatch by post or transport carrier and managing all records of inventory on hand and relevant paperwork.

We have a full production facility in-house with professional duplication towers and robotic disc printers available to complete client orders. Action AV also is a broker for a number of major DVD, CD & USB manufacturers both here in Australia and overseas. These relationships enable us to source a wide range of products from factories with different product offerings and turnaround times. This ultimately benefits you - the customer.

Action AV is also a leading provider of DVD, CD & USB Duplicating and Printing hardware, blank recording media and cases, sleeves, folders & custom disc packaging.

CD Copy Print & Pack

CD Duplication is the process of 'burning' data to a high quality blank CD-R and performing high quality printing direct to the disc surface. This process is significantly quicker and cheaper than replication for orders below 500 units.

CD Replication is a complete manufacturing process, whereby a glass master is created (from your master disc) which is then stamped into CDs as they are being made. This process is identical to CDs and sold in retail stores and allows for virtually any quantities over 500 units. Due to setup costs associated with production of a glass master, this process is only cost effective over 500 units and turnarounds are between 8 to 10 days.

NOTE: The main difference between these two processes is turnaround time and manufacturing associated costs. Both processes produce high quality discs which will play in 99.9% of CD Drives in both PCs and MAC computers (Depending on disc content).

Printing on to blank CD-Rs For clients who need to burn their own CDs, we recommend utilising our CD printing services. We can print in colour or black directly onto blank CD-Rs, using the most suitable process of either thermal printing or screen printing, depending on run quantity and turnaround time required.




DVD Copy Print & Pack

Need some copies made in a hurry? For the quickest turnaround of any quantity (no minimum) of DVDs, we recommend utilising our DVD Burning service, combining premium quality with rapid turnaround. We operate the latest robotic DVD replication system, enhanced by in-line colour inkjet printing to produce perfect DVDs.

For smaller duplication runs of up to 500 DVDs : Quick turnaround DVD-R record up to 4.7GB High definition black or CMYK (4-colour) inkjet print DVD Labels printed directly onto the DVD, generated from digital artwork (no film/plates set up required) Packaging cases to enhance presentation Printing of booklets and slicks Hand packing of DVDs / Inserts into cases Shrink wrapping.

Transfers : Action AV can assist clients who wish to transfer data from one format to another, for example Mini DV to SP Betacam. We are able to record to: SP Betacam, DV Cam, Mini DV, DVC Pro and S-VHS. We can accept masters supplied on: SP Betacam, Digital Betacam, DV Cam, Mini DV, DVC Pro and S-VHS.

DVD Authoring : From the formats listed above, Action AV can assist clients in creating the DVD-R master they require. This would include encoding footage supplied, setting up a menu (with graphics supplied by client), creating chapters as required, together with other features such as auto-run etc. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Upgrade to Digital : Action AV is able to assist its clients in encoding and setting up DVD masters from Betacam SP or VHS masters. With more and more users making the switch to DVD, now is the best time to make the change. Please contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Archive for the Future : Action AV encourages clients to take advantage of digital technology when it comes to archiving. We can also assist clients who are looking to archive information currently stored on Betacam tapes, multiple CDs, VHS, floppy disk or other forms of media. DVD technology enables the storage of up to 4.7GB data per disk, making this an effective and efficient means of storing valuable archival information. Please contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Inkjet Printed Blank DVD-Rs : For clients who need to burn their own DVDs, we recommend utilising our DVD printing services. Colour or black inkjet printing is printed directly onto blank DVD-Rs. Many of our clients utilise this service to burn their own DVDs using printed stock which looks professional, reinforces corporate image and adds to security.



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